Тимошенко круто нахамила судье

Судья еще раз предупредил экс-премьера о возможном удалении из зала суда за неуважительное поведение.

КНР рекордно повысила запасы руды

Запасы импортной железной руды в Китае на первой неделе июля рекордно увеличились.

Тайвань увеличил экспорт стали на 13,5%

Тайвань в июне 2011 года по сравнению с июнем 2010 увеличил экспорт железа и стали на 13,5%, до 1,56 млрд долл.

Тимошенко по-своему истолковала слова Януковича

Публичные заявления Президента В.Януковича подтверждают его контроль над судебной системой.

Суд принял отказ Тимошенко от защитника

Печерский районный суд Киева принял отказ экс-премьера Юлии Тимошенко от услуг защитника Николая Титаренко.

Energy - Investment Company

Energy – Investment Company

Energy – Investment Companis a Ukrainian company dealing with investments into the energy sector of the Ukrainian economy. The company elaborates and implements projects by its own means starting from attracting resources up to the stage of new energetic premises and technologies creation.  
Energy – Investment Company creates new profitable companies out of energy-consuming and broken-down projects owing to new technologies and strategic introduction of changes. 

In connection with racshireniem production of brown coal, the Energy Investment Company invites you to the work of surveyor, geologist, manager of sales and marketing, the chief coal mine, the chief engineer briquette factories, lawyer.
Send resume by e-mail: infoeic@i.ua.

On 01.05.2011 Energy - Investment Company sells coal brand
  - Cost of BR-1 - 288 UAH/t subject to conditions CPT
  - Cost of 2 BR 318 UAH / t subject to conditions CPT
Contracts are signed up to 01.05.2011 will be executed at the old prices before the end of the contract.


Energy – Investment Company – commercial advertisements and tenders.

Energy- Investment Company  from 1.03.2011  will realize brown coal of brand of 2BR (0-300)  at price 300 UAH/t subject to conditions CPT with the followings descriptions:

Moisture (ar) - 35.9 %
Ash (d) -  12 - 35.7 %
Volatile matters (d) - 50.26 %
Sulphur (d)  -  3.71 %
Net CV (ar)  - 2770 kcalkg
Gross CV (daf) - 6320 kcalkg

Energy – Investment Company  announcesabout holding of a tender on brown coal extraction and transportation.

Requirement specification for an equipment

Brown coal for brick-making plants

Brown coal for the production of fertilizers

Brown coal for boiler rooms and TEC

Brown coal 

Brown coal for сement factory

Brown coal for drying of grain-growing

Brown coal for the producers of preforms and pellet from raw biomaterial

Brown coal incoterms DAP

Brown coal incoterms FOB


Energy– Investment Company concluded protocol with DALIAN PRIME TRADE CO. LTD about delivery 600 thousands of tons of brown coal of brand of BR-1 subject to conditions FOB to China


Energy– Investment Company and Turbo - Spectrum was signed protocol about the united actions on the program: «Introductions of incineration of brown coal on communal boiler rooms». The main task of this program is reduction of prices of cost of power medium for communal boiler rooms, that in same queue will result in the decline of cost of producible heat. Brown coal is a prospect for providing the fuel of boiler rooms and decline of cost of producible heat.  

Energy– Investment Company – will consider Your suggestions about the purchase of equipment for drying of brown coal and briquetting of brown coal


Energy– Investment Company - forms a dealer network on territory of Ukraine. We offer to you to become an official dealer in Your region on advantageous terms.